Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr. Gould and my family

Two hours later Mr. Gould and I walked outside and re-joined the group. I curtsied to Mr. Gould and skipped over to Liza. She smiled quizzically at me, but I said nothing.

"Ho! Lizzy you've re-appeared!" Lee cried out, "Come join us over here."

"Lizzy?!" Liza said as she grabbed hold of my arm.


"Aren't you going to tell me who that is?" Liza said, referring back to Mr.Gould.

I smiled and said gently, "Wait, be patient dear sister."

Liza gave me a small pout, but took my arm in hers and we joined the gentlemen.

Once we were in the carriage and on our way back home I was attacked with questions from the girls.

"You must tell us now Lizzy!" begged Liza.

"Very well then I will." And I launched into my story, when I had finished I sat back into the seat of the carriage and looked the faces of my dearest friends and family.

"He certainly sounds like a gentleman." Bekah said.

"Yes, calling you madame and all." Aunt Georgie agreed.

"Well Liza what do you think?" I was anxious for her approval.

She beamed down on and said happily, "I think he is a very nice man, and we should get to know him."

I smiled very content, my family was the best in the world.